Dragon*Con Trailers!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hey guys! It's going to be an exciting weekend. Andrew, our writer/director, and Evan our other brilliant writer (he made me say that), are going to hit the floors at Dragon*Con in Atlanta to promote Okay Place and Sonic Bunny's other project Zombie Murder Explosion Die.

This is not a random occurance. In fact, Andrew's short film, TOBACCO MAN (click it to see it) is playing at Dragon*Con in their film festival. If you're going to be there, it's playing Friday at 5:30pm and Sunday at 10:30pm.  So cross your fingers for a win!!

We're very close to wrapping animation on Okay Place, so we had enough fun stuff to cut into a couple of trailers. They'll show in between short films at the festival. We couldn't wait to share them with you, especially because they contain a little taste of our Okay Place theme song. Enjoy!