Have A Little Taste of Okay Place

Monday, June 21, 2010

We have over 2 minutes animated so far, so here's your exclusive sneak peak at what we've been cooking up. After the break, learn about our process from our Lead Animator, Jon Henshaw! So please enjoy your family dining experience at An Okay Place To Eat!

Delilah Gives Hector A Hard Time from Sonic Bunny on Vimeo.
Animated by the lovely Dawn Nakama. Voiced by the every-funny Alicyn Packard and Scott Adsit.

Hey Everyone!

I'm Jon Henshaw. I'm the Lead Animator on An Okay Place To Eat. I've been an Animator for the past 12 years and have worked on numerous commercials for Cartoon Network, the Adult Swim series Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law. It was on Harvey Birdman that I was able to make the transition from animating with pencil and paper to the digital realm of Flash. It was also the basis for running a production where animators don't have to be in the same building, working on the same project. Through the power of technology, we have been able to create a virtual studio, where animators, directors, and producers can all work remotely at their desired location and contribute to the project.

Our Animation team consists of Vicky Lelgant, Dawn Nakama, Deke Wightman, Chris Paluszek, and Caroline Foley. Some are working Georgia, some in New Jersey, and some in Los Angeles. To set the style of animation, I did the first couple of shots. It's my job as Lead Animator to keep the style consistent across all animators and all scenes. I want the animators to have fun with the characters and the shots. I want them to follow the storyboards, but if they want to add little nuances to a shot or a character that will heighten the shot, then I'm all for it! It's my experience that if animators are happy and feel connected to the production they are animating, then it will end up being a better product.

Right now, we are deep into production and animation is going very smoothly. The show is looking great and we're gonna keep plugging away to finish up by August.

Jon Henshaw
Toonalooney Studios 

Sneak Animation Peak...

Friday, June 18, 2010

Hey everyone! An article about Okay Place just dropped today in Animation Magazine amongst all the Toy Story 3 news, which is pretty cool. Check it out here:

Also, check back Monday, we'll have a sneak peak at the animation. It's something that's going to make you laugh so I hope you'll come back and check it out!


Meet The Characters And Cast!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hey guys! Scout, with Sonic Bunny Productions, here. I'm producing this puppy! Thought I would weigh in a share with you the characters of An Okay Place To Eat! The beauty of this project is how much time Andrew and Evan spent on developing the characters' backstories, motivations, and relationships with each other. Development like this is super important to longevity of what we hope is a successful series. So here we go:

This guy opened An Okay Place To Eat to relive his childhood and convinced his childhood heroes to work there. Colonel is often delusional about Okay Place and the mascots who work there. He also hates Jesus cause Jesus takes all of his money.

Voiced by none other than "Mr. Disney" himself, JIM CUMMINGS. IMDB Page Here

She's the hostess without the mostest at Okay Place. She has a growth disorder, which let her be the mascot for Little Delilah Snack Cakes for twenty years before they gave her the boot. She looks cute, but she's a crass, self-centered little bitch.

Voiced by the lovely and talented ALICYN PACKARD. IMDB Page Here

He's a true military man and a gentleman..well, sort of. He holds Okay Place to military standards. As a waiter, he recieves orders instead of giving them, but that doesn't stop him from treating customers like maggots. He's brash, in your face, and mixes metaphors your mother shouldn't hear. But damnit! He'll get your order right!

Voiced by the totally awesome R. LEE ERMEY! IMDB Page Here

Twinkles is a true cowboy and former mascot for a creme-filled snack food of the same name. He's lovable, simple, and senile, but be careful, this Texan keeps his pistols loaded!

Voiced by the hilarious JASON MARSDEN. IMDB Page Here
Tasty Bear pretends to the be the dish washer at Okay Place.  When he's not smoking up under the sink, of course. With his laid back attitude and distracted work ethic, it's a mystery why Colonel keeps him around.  Guess Colonel really loves Tasty Crisps Cereal...a lot.

Voiced by our very own deep throat, ADAM JARED SMITH. IMDB Page Here

Biff is the mascot for a seasoning packet that makes even lima beans delicious! He's innocent, eager to please, which makes him the whipping boy for his coworkers. And he wants to make everyone happy, just like Mickey Mouse.

Voiced by our director, ANDREW RACHO. IMDB Page Here

These brothers are the three stooges of cooking. Bang: curmudgeon, Crash: nitwit, and Smash: leader. They had their very own boy band in the 1950s, but success was short lived, so they're bitter at everything and each other.  They pull pranks on each other and the rest of the staff. But in times of danger, brothers stick together.

Voiced by ANDREW RACHO and the coolest VO guy around, SCOTT HOLST. IMDB Page Here

George is a regular teen with the misfortune of picking Okay Place as his first job. He's a reliable busy boy and has a good work ethic, but he's naive about the world. The one thing he does know, Okay Place is a frakkin' insane place to work!

Voice by the super talented JARED HILLMAN. IMDB Page Here

Ruby got her start as the hot, young beer maiden for Saint Moon Beer. As she aged, her sanity went the way of her looks. She's desperate for male attention and a bottle of whiskey between her lips.

Voiced by a really cool chick: JULIE AMATO. IMDB Page Here

Jesus is the property owner of An Okay Place To Eat. He rolls in style; the ladies love him and they guys want to hang with him. He's the nicest and friendliest guy around. If you're in trouble, Jesus has your back. Everyone loves him except Colonel...cause he has to pay rent.

Also voiced by the hilarious JASON MARSDEN. IMDB Page Here

Hector Spector is an anal retentive neat freak with a tendancy toward hypocondria, which makes him amazing at his job as a health inspector. His mission to rid the world of deplorable eateries such as An Okay Place To Eat. Yes, ladies, he's single.

Voiced by the funny and talented SCOTT ADSIT. IMDB Page Here

That's the whole gang! Stay tuned for sneak peaks at the animation, cast and crew interviews, and other exciting news!

Hey Everyone!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Thanks for visiting our blog! I hope you’ll follow us as we’ll be updating with awesome news, stellar interviews, and video sneak peeks into our project. We are about half-way through the production process of our animated short, An Okay Place to Eat! Our animators are hard at work and have over a minute of animation completed! Nine more to go!

What is this Okay Place project? A while back, co-writer Evan Dannemiller and I developed an entire animated series. We wrote two scripts, planned out a season, and wrote elaborate back-stories for the characters. We felt the next step would be to animate the pilot. We collaborated with Scout Raskin of Sonic Bunny Productions to produce the first half of one of our episodes of the show we dubbed, "An Okay Place to Eat."

So what’s the series about? The series follows Colonel Jeremiah Jessup, the owner of a failed diner. One day, he realizes he's all alone and never amounted to anything in his life. So he makes a bold choice to revamp his diner into a themed restaurant where his favorite food mascots work. In a sense, he wants to relive the happiest time of his life: childhood. He manages to convince all the real mascots from his youth to work for him. Unfortunately, his heroes are old, senile, bitter, and definitely haven’t aged gracelessly.

What happens in the pilot? We chose to produce the first half of one of our episodes, "Who Came?" as our pilot. In this episode, Hector Spector, the health inspector, comes to secretly inspect the diner and accidentally falls face-first into a pile of man goo. Yes, you read it right. Man goo. As a result, Colonel has to confront the realization that his childhood heroes are sexual beings. That's certainly not something he thought about when he was a kid. In the second half of the episode, which we aren’t animating just yet, Colonel hires a private detective from his favorite cop show to solve the mystery of “Who Came?”

I hope you get a chance to check out the animation stills, character art, and everything else we're putting up. I'll post more blogs coming up, too.

Also, you can look forward to blog postings from our animators, artists, actors, and everyone involved. Everyone working on this project is doing such an amazing job! We can’t wait to share the project with you as much as we can.


Andrew Racho
Director, Co-Writer, Editor, Actor, blah blah blah blah blah "that guy" blah blah blah