Cheeseburger, Please, With A Side of Rabbit...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

A couple nuggets of exciting news! Our director, Andrew Racho's, animated short film, Tobacco Man, will be playing at Dragon Con in Atlanta (Sept 3-6). Sonic Bunny is sending him and our other writer, Evan Dannemiller, to the Con to promote Okay Place. So if you're going to be there, let us know!
It's DOUBLE BONUS DAY at An Okay Place To Eat! One post, TWO clips! The lovelies below were animated by our wonderfully talented animator, Caroline Foley. Q&A with Caroline after the breaks. Careful! Clip 2 is not for the squeemish. Well, after the Ruby clip last week, you should have developed a tolerance by now :)

Clip 1 - Sergeant Cereal voiced by R. Lee Ermey

INTERVIEW: Caroline Foley - Animator:
Caroline, you animated a scene with Sergeant Cereal, so we're going to ask you a lot of questions about him...some personal. Okay? Okay. Good.

1) What was your initial reaction to Sergeant Cereal?
C: Who is this guy and why is he yelling at me!

2) Did you picture R. Lee Ermey when animating Sgt. Cereal? 
C: Yes, and it terrified the shit out of me!

2A) Did that influence the way you drew out his movements?
C: You don't have much say in a situation when you have a gun pointing at your
head... even if the gun isn't real... and by "isn't real" I mean "real".

3) Would you follow Sgt. Cereal into battle?
C: I have a feeling I wouldn't have a choice.

4) What do you think he's like in the sack?
C: Pudding. Kinda gross, right?

5) Do you think he has any illegitimate children with women from the South Pacific?
C: I believe all children of the world are legitimate! *sparkle hearts and rainbow farts*

Clip 2 - Hector Spector voiced by Scott Adsit

Alright, now that you're grossed out, we move on...

6) What was your favorite scene to animate and why?
C: The dead bunny scene! Because who doesn't love cute dead animals? Thanks for the reference, guys!!!

7) If you were stranded on a desert island with the employees from An Okay Place to Eat, and you could save one person, who would it be and why?
C: Tasty Bear because bears are people too! And I don't think he'd give me no lip, ya know what I'm sayin? Also, I think he would be great at finding food. And then eating it.

8) Who was your favorite food or beverage mascot as a child?
C: Tony the Tiger! He's grrrrrreat!

9) Where can we see more of your animation?
C: On my website:

That's it on this end! Check back in a few weeks for one of our Okay Place Trailers! P.S. For all of THE ROOM fans out there...there's a throw back to the film in the 2nd clip. Can you spot it? Go, go, go, go, go, go, go...Alcatraz! <--That may or not be a hint.